How do i Create a Clan?

To create a clan login to website and click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select "my clan" from the drop down menu.

You will be presented with two options, "Register your Clan" or "Join a Clan". Simply click on the create a clan option and enter your clan details and click "Submit" and you will have your clan up and running!

Do My Clan Members Need to Join the Website?

Yes, it will be an important aspect of this system in the future to have all your clan members participating in the leagues registered on the website and showing up on your members list.

The current Leagues & all future Leagues have a minimum member count required to be able to participate.

How do my members join up with my Community League Clan?

The Clan leader will need to adjust his clan recruitment setting to "open" so that their members can apply to join them.

Once the Clan is open to recruitment, then the members and anyone else wanting to join the clan can apply to join by simply visiting the clans own page and clicking the apply to join button(when logged in). The Leader will then be able to accept or decline these applications from within their "my clan" page.

How do i Join one of the Leagues?

As a clan leader you can simply click the "Join League" button on the homepage below the league you want to join, if your Clan matches the minimum requirements for that League and the league has not yet started then your application to join the league will be sent to the website admin who will have the option to accept or deny your entry to the League.

If your application is made whilst the league is currently running, then your application will be reviewed at the end of the league. If your aplication is accepted then your clan will take part in the following league season.

Our Clan usually Focus on a different game type than the current leagues, will there be any future leagues for us to join?

Yes, we hope to cover as many game types as requested by our Clans so long as they have a popular following from enough clan leaders to make the league worth creating for you.