BCL News W7/18

Another week has passed and a lot has happened. Teams come and go and lot’s of fights has been fought.


There are lot’s of newcomers in the leagues and we ask patience from the ”veteran” teams with new teams learning the system. Please help the newcomers the best you can so we all will have a smoother league experience.

There are some dropout teams and there are some teams in queue waiting for a spot in leagues, but we are still struggling with the replacements. If a team replaces a dropout they don’t want to start with some lost matches already on their score. At the same time existing league teams usually don’t want to play a match that was scheduled to an earlier time and points were earned.

The following teams has recently dropped out from different leagues, for various reasons

  • 1810 – DOM T5 USA S3 PS4
  • 8Pz – DOM T5 EU S3 D1 A PS4
  • PLG – DOM T5 EU S3 D1 B PS4
  • ParE – F-LINE EU T8 D PS4
  • 1B – DOM T5 EU S3 D3 B PS4
  • D3TH – F-LINE EU T8 D PS4

We will not replace any of these teams. The matches against dropout teams will be forfeit for the teams still in the league.

T5 Domination

The leagues group phase in both EU and US is coming to it’s end and we are moving to semifinals. There are still a few matches that need to be played. The window for playing these matches closes on Friday the 16th Feb, that is the final day group matches can be played. If there are matches still unplayed after that date, admins will decide the fait of them on case by case basis. If one team has actively tried to schedule the match and the other has been dodging or not answering at all we will rule it to the more active team. If both teams are equally inactive it will be a draw. If you are planning to have a late match please discuss with admins. We all want to move to the next phase ASAP.

T8 Frontlines

The new game mode in BCL has started quite well. Each group has 1-2 matches played so it’s too early to say who are the top dogs in each group.

We have been having a lively discussion in the T8 Council about the penalties of rule violations. As playing teams know the result of a T8 match is recorded as one of three choices:

  1. Team 1 Wins
  2. Team 2 Wins
  3. Draw

That’s all we know about the match, the winner or draw. If a rule is broken what should be the penalty? This is shaping up slowly, but it’s a tough nut to crack. At the moment it looks like council wants to have teams manually keeping up the actual flag count of each round and rule violations would deduct flags from the end situation. So the teams are not only responsible of proving the violation, but also the ticket situation at the end of the round.

The penalties in T8 is not decided yet, therefore we don’t resolve any of the disputes in T8 yet.

T12 Conquest

After the restart of T12 we have divisions in T12 also. In D1 all the teams have managed to play one gam. In D2 we have only one group and all the teams have played two games already. There are still many matches to play and it’s too early to start speculating the outcome of this one.

Other topics


There is a growing number of complicated disputes in many leagues. It is extremely important to dispute the match using the dispute button on the fixture page. Please do not send your disputes directly to any of the admins. It is impossible to keep track of dozens of DMs. Also please check the rules carefully before the dispute and remember that only a dispute with clear evidence of the violation can result to penalties. If you don’t have solid video and/or image evidence, don’t dispute it.


All the rules are visible to all players in the league page under the ”View League Rules” and ”Community Rules” buttons. You can find the same rules from this news site from the top menu.

BCL News W6/18

Welcome to our very first BCL News bulletin. Here we capture what’s been going on in the community during the past week.


Probably the most anticipated news on leagues was the start of the T8 PS4 EU League. We are still waiting for more participants in other continents and platforms leagues, but the PS4 is on and the first round has been fought. More details of the T8 league later, on this newsletter – keep on reading 😉

The dropout teams is a constant problem for the admin team. When a team quits the tournament it means less fighting for the rest of the teams. We are trying to balance that by replacing the dropout with another team. Unfortunately it’s quite difficult and time consuming to determine if a team has gone inactive, since usually teams just don’t show up. We can’t really start booting teams after the first missed match, so it tends to take time to determine if a team really is MIA.

In past week or so, we have replaced several teams in different leagues and this has raised lot’s of questions, like ”what happens to the points earned from the teams that dropped”. We’ve been trying to keep it simple. If the points were earned by actually fighting the dropout team before they went inactive, then it’s only fair to let the team keep their hard earned points. But if the fight against the dropout team newer happened and the points were granted as ”free win” it’s only fair to give the replacing team a fighting change. The points from that match would have to be deserved by fighting.

At the moment it looks like a trend that teams getting a free win from a dropout don’t want to fight for the points. I understand it’s hard competition and nobody wants to loose valuable points, but I can’t really say it’s fair to anyone. The replacing team has losses that newer happened. The teams who didn’t have a fixture scheduled before the replacement would need to fight for their points, while others got free wins.

On the end of Year 2017 many teams wens missing and there are still some new dropouts

  • DOM T5 USA S3 – PS4:  inZtart Gaming [iZ]
  • DOM T5 EU D3 A – PS4: xAnarchist [xANR]
  • DOM T5 EUD2 B – PS4: Starsi Panowie [SPOL]

Matches from the teams above has been set to 4-0 free win for their intended opponents.

For the seasons to come, we are changing the process for replacing teams in leagues. This will hopefully be more fair way to handle these unfortunate situations with teams dropping out and others replacing them.

T5 Domination

In the most popular competitive game mode T5 DOM there was a full round in many leagues. In Division 1 league newcomer Guerrilla Warfare Gaming [GW] took the points home from Manguste E-Sports [MNG]. On their own map, Amiens, MG managed to put up a proper fight, but on GW’s map of choice, Suez, GW took it home clearly.

In the Division 2 ::YaHooLiGaN’s! [Ya] came back to the league with a clear statement on winning Anonymous Exiles [AeX] with relatively wide margin. Ya is going to be a strong candidate to move on from D2.

There was a game on D3 also, where Gfraters [GFT] beat the Flyswatters [FWS] 3-1. GFT has been giving free wins a lot, it’s a pity, since they played well against FWS and would be good candidates to move on from D3 – they would just need to play their games. Also a replacement team Dz46 has been playing their games to catch up with the league. Unfortunately some teams

T12 Conquest

Gloria Victis [GV] welcomed BEGA Élite PS4 [BEGA] to the league by taking a clear 4-0 win in the Division 1 T12 match on saturday.

In the Division 2 Momnet of Truth [MOT] had a tough match against IRA CAMPERA [IRA ]. The match ended 3-1 for MOT, but really tough rounds.

T8 Frontlines

First T8 Frontlines matches has now been played. In group D Epic team [ETF] shared the points with Eternal Victory [eV] by having a draw. RoR won ParE in their first T8 match.

T8 is again totally different game mode from what we have used to see from T12 and T5. Having the right number of players on the cap zone and keeping at least one guy alive for spawning is really tactical. Ofc good gun skills helps in all game modes, but getting a clear win in T8 needs solid tactics too.

Replacement team update

Teams leaving in the middle of the tournament is annoying and problematic. Leaving team leaves a hole in the match schedule and teams are getting less games to play. Playing is why we all are here in the end – right?

Now replacing a team mid-season is not exactly easy either. What to do with the past non-played fixtures, not to mention the ones already played.

The idea so far has been that the replacement team tries to arrange the matches that were newer played, but it seems like the teams in the league don’t want to let go the free 4 points they got from the game that newer happened. We have to do something about this.

We have decided that from the next season forward the points from a free win against a team that is inactive and leaving the league will change from 4-0 clean sweep to 2-2 draw, both teams earning 2 points. If the dropout team gets replaced, the automatic 2-2 draw matches can be played with the replacement team and both teams have a fighting change to gain full 4 points.

This will hopefully add the motivation to fight against the replacement teams and would even up the league for replacement teams if they can’t get all the fights in queue. A free win from a team who has confirmed a forfeit and is still continuing in the league it’s still 4-0 win for the team receiving the forfeit.

Welcome to BCL News

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